Earthship 2: Starting to dig.

Friday 22nd September I picked up a mini excavator for the second time from the local hire shop (they have a special price for private individuals over the weekend).

mini excavator
Hired mini excavator for removing bulk earth

The plan was to start by digging a rectangular hole around 1 meter deep 12 meters in length and as much width as can be managed over the weekend. This will not be the final shape but as we will be sculpturing the edges by hand and have to backfill to the tyre wall, this excavator job will just serve the purpose of moving a large volume of earth to the back wall. This is going to save a lot of time and bring us closer to our goal much quicker, not to mention saving our energy for some good old tyre-pounding which cannot be done any other way but by hand and sledgehammer.

At least I didn’t waste 2 hours just learning the controls this time and was able to get straight back into digging.

Earthship 2 - First day digging
After lunch, the 1st 12 meter stretch was completed.
Day 1 of digging Earthship 2
Kev admires the view from the hill I have created at the end of the 1st day digging.












Sunday the sun came out here and there, digging commenced and with that came my

Earthship Sweden little Helpers
The little helpers.

little helpers.

Was not able to bring the drone out for filming this weekend so that ended my plans to do a time lapse video of the dig.

Due to my lack of experience and bad planning I was delayed digging somewhat on Sunday as I had to keep moving the mound around that I was creating. I also noticed I lost a lot of useful stones to the big hill as I could not keep stopping the digger and jumping out, but, I am sure I will find more in the fullness of time.



Stone pile
A little pile of stones we managed to save 🙂



Happily, we did manage to save some which will be put to good use later, I am sure of it.

Photo 2017-09-24, 16 11 19.jpg

All in all, I was happy with how much was accomplished over the weekend and now look forward to the hand working when we have time, and as there is quite a lot of “free” handwork to be done now it gives us time to raise some cash for when we next want to hire the mini digger to leap us forward.


Seed Potatoes

Having acquired some freshly picked potatoes from a friend (around 1000) we laid them out yesterday to air for a day or so ready to store them in our basement (dry and frost free).  Unfortunately the rain came last night and kindly gave them a wash, it was not in my plan, but obviously the nature had other ideas 🙂 so it seems they will be out a little longer as I would like them to dry off before storing them.

Potatoes airing
Potatoes airing ready for storage, to become seed potatoes next year.

We will bring them out early next year to sprout a few weeks before planting them into our potato patch around the Earthship site.